About Us :

Spares for  D-SUB Series , Switch Series , D-SUB Hoods Series , Wafer Series ,  Centronic & DVI Connector , MINI-DIN,1394 & HDMI connector , DIN 41612,USB & Micro Jack connector & various other products & its accessories.

Today, We are very known for our quality & innovation in through in – house Research & independent development (without any foreign collaboration)

M.G.Group , is not just a brand name in terms of manufacturing & developing import substitute electronics  Centronic & DVI Connector & MINI-DIN,1394 & HDMI connector , but also it’s a chat-phrase for repairing of any any type of Electronic , ultra modern textile electronic boards, all types of parts & all types of any type of accumulators

Now, M. G. Group ‘is an going in global market in the name of “M.G.Group“

M. G. Group is an approved Electronics Manufacturer for some of some of our nation’s major Textile Industries who require the highest levels of consistent quality, reliability, service and flexibility.

How are we doing it is  Skilled , long –term employee , loyal suppliers , satisfied customers , modern equipment , no-compromise – for – quality values , full range of services , experience , and a sincere commitment to satisfying the requirement of our customers .

We also have a term of “R & D experts, which helps us to introduce new product as per your requirement.